Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Japanese donburi for dinner

Yesterday for dinner we had a couple of friends over and we decided to indulge in some Japanese food. We actually ended up getting takeaway from this place in the city called Ramen Do- Real Japanese. I love Japanese Food and I have never really found a good donburi. Sure I've had lots of great sushi but never a good donburi place but I think I've finally found it. Ramen Do- You rock! The price is also quite reasonable. I had a GrabOne Coupon but original price is only $12 bucks I think which is a bargain for good food and you get a really big bowl. I'm really impressed.  In case you don't know what donburi is, it is basically rice with some salad and lots of meat. You can get chicken, fish, pork and lots of other delicious toppings.

Check out their website if you like Japanese Food-

I got the Karrage Chicken Donburi which was so freaking good.It was basically deep fried chicken in soy sauce and it was so amazing. The chicken was really nice and not overcooked.

My friend actually go the Katsu donburi which is deep fried pork cutlets and it looks so good. She let me try some and it was really good. I preferred the chicken but the pork was nice and cripsy and had a great balance of salt and sweet.

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