Monday, August 4, 2014

Top 5 skincare products for winter

 When it comes to winter we all know that skincare takes priority. I don't know about you but my skin gets so dry in winter and with dry skin comes itchy patches and pimples. So here are my top five skincare products.

1.My favourite cleanser for the winter time is Cetaphil gentle cleanser. I find it very gentle on my face which is great because in winter my face tends to break out and I need something that will clean my face without irritating it. This cleanser is a little pricey for a cleanser- I got my from the supermarket for $22 but I think it is great for problematic skin! This is a product I trust 100% because this was actually recommended to me by my dermatologist when I was having really bad skin. 

2. My next favourite skin product is the Victoria Secret lotion. It smells so delicious that I always get compliments on how I smell when I use it. I actually got this as a gift from my dad when he went to America so  I don't know where to get this in New Zealand. If you know where to get Victoria Secret stuff in New Zealand please let me know! Additionally the lotion is very moistuizing and is great for hands. I keep mine beside by sink so after I wash my hands I remember to use it. I don't know about you but in winter my hands are the first to show signs of drying- in summer I can get away with less moisturising but not in winter! Definitely check his lotion out if you are looking for a good one!

3. I know that typically oil blotting sheets are used in summer but I find that i still need to use them in winter. I really love these Za oil blotting sheets! In the winter I still find my face getting oily which I cannot understand how my face can be dry and oily at the same time! Someone please explain that to me! I love using these at school because they are super convenient to carry around at school since they are super small! More importantly these do a great job keeping my face matte without breaking me out! 

4. Next up is the Estée Lauder nutritious night mask! When I first discovered this I instantly fell in love with it! I call this my miracle cream to my family and I have actually got my brother and my mum hooked onto this cream. It is so moisturising and great for the skin. I put it on a night twice a week and I wake up with flawless skin! It takes away any redness and smoothed out my faces. If there is one product you try this has to be it. I know that it is quite high end but it is definitely worth it. 

5. I don't know about you but working out and winter is my least favourite combination! I don't like working out as it is but add in the cold and rainy winter I hate working out even more. One thing that makes it better slightly is the Estée Lauder radiant energy lotion! I love to use this after I work out because combined with the natural goodness of working out this lotion gives my face a quick boost. I like to think of this as a quick fix to making my face more presentable after working out. It is not as moisturising as other lotions but it gives my face a healthy glow and lift! Sometimes I also like to use this in the morning to make myself look more awake and fully of energy when in reality I actually pulled an all nighter on my maths assignment! 

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