Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Korean Face mask haul

I love using face masks so much. They make me feel luxurious and relaxed but I haven't found any good brands for a reasonable price in New Zealand. My friend came back from Korea last week and I asked her to get me some of my favourite face masks. 
She picked up quite a few new types for me that I have never tried before. My favourite brand for face masks are Dr Pharm but I have no idea where to get them from in New Zealand. If you know where to get them from in New Zealand please let me know. I also got a Leaders Insolution brand face mask and a Etude House one which I have never used before but it looks really good. I typically use the snail essence one which I find is really smooth and silky on my skin. The face masks types I got are pearl, pomegranate, hyaluronic acid, aloe, honey, green tea, tea tree and snail essence. They look so colourful and inviting and I'm really excited try these. I know that honey, aloe, green tea and tea tree are really good for the skin but I am really curious to try the pearl, pomegranate and that random acid one.

Comment below if you would like a review on these face masks. 

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