Sunday, July 20, 2014

Easy pasta salad

For lunch today I decided to be healthy and make a pasta salad. This was super easy and I just used whatever we had in the fridge. I tried to make the dressing a little bit healthy by mixing a couple of tablespoons of mayo with some Greek yoghurt and it actually tasted really delicious. 

First I boiled the water and made pasta as normal.

We had some frozen green beans so i thawed them and then fried them with some button mushrooms.

To the pasta I added about half a can of corn, leftover takeaway duck, and some tuna.

For dressing I used 2 tablespoon of mayo mixed with half a cup of yoghurt and some garlic pepper.

And voila! Easy and healthy pasta salad.


  1. Love pasta salads especially in the summer :)

    1. Haha even though it is winter here in New Zealand I still love pasta salads. They are just so yummy and easy.