Friday, July 18, 2014

Top 5 Apps

I love apps. I used to dislike them because I found them annoying and I didn't get the hype but now I love apps! Here are my top 5 apps and since I'm cheap they are all free. I'm also excluding social media cos otherwise my top 5 would be twitter, Facebook and YouTube. 

Comment below if you would like me to do a what's on my phone tag and your favourite apps. I would love to find more great apps.

1. Battery doctor
This app has been a life saver for me since we all know how short the battery life of an iPhone is. I found this app randomly one day in the App Store and i never looked back. This app has helped extend my battery life by hours and got me in much better charging habits. You basically open this app when you are charging and the app makes sure it charges fully. Since using this app I can nearly go a day and a half without charging!  It also clears junk in your phone, boosts memory and tells you which apps uses the most battery and how to optmise your battery life when you are running out.I highly recommend this if you are having battery problems.

2. Charades!
This app is basically the free version of Heads Up app by Ellen. I'm always on the lookout for fun games which are free and this one is great. It is basically charades and you can play it in groups where one person holds it on their forehead while the other describes it to them. 

The cool thing about this app is that you can actually create your own categories and personalise it. It also has so many built in categories like animal kingdom, songs of the 80s,90s,00s and brands and more. I played this app with my friends on a bus trip to Rotorua and it was so much fun. 

3. PicsArt
This is my favourite photo editing app to use. It has everything I would ever need to edit a photo in one app. It has all the tools such as brightness, crop, rotate etc but it can also place overlays on your photos, shape masks which is what I use to create my banner, stickers, borders, frames and more. The effects aren't that good but certainly useable and it even comes with a fade setting so you can adjust how much the effect appears on the photo. 

4. GuitarTuna
This is the perfect app for anyone who plays guitar. It has a built in guitar tuner so all you have to do is place your phone besides the guitar and pluck each string. The app will tell you if it is too high or low and then you tune accordingly. The screen goes green when the string is in tune. This app is perfect for beginners especially because when I first started learning guitar I could not tune at all. I have no musical ear even though I played piano for ten years so this app really helped me out. It also has games that help you learn chords and notes so it is just a great guitar app.

5. Sleep time
I have a love hate relationship with this app. It is basically an app that measures your sleep. You place it beside your pillow at night and it records how well you slept- how many hours of deep sleep you got and how many hours of light sleep and then in the morning it presents a nice graph of your sleeping patterns. 

Another cool aspect of this app is that it is also an alarm. At night you set what time you want to wake up by and the app will wake you up in your lightest sleep so you wake up happy instead of grouchy! 

The only downside to this app is that you have to set our alarm every night in order to get a graph and some mornings i don't have to be up at a certain time so I don't want to set an alarm but other than that it is a really great app!

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