Sunday, July 13, 2014

Chinese Steam Boat Feast

"Laughter is the brightest where food is the best"

Had a great feast with our neighbors before they move out. I am going to miss them so much even though we've only been neighbours for a couple of years. To say goodbye we invited them over and had traditional Chinese Steam Boat. Steam Boat is basically a mini stove in the middle of the table (in this case we had two- one for the adults and one for the kids). On top of the stove is a big pot full of boiling water and it's basically an all you can eat buffet. Whatever you wanna eat you can put into the pot and it only takes a minute to cook, and then you can dip it into difference sauces. It is actually quite a healthy way to eat because there is no oils or fats, just cooking with boiling water. We had prawns, mussels, fish balls, tofu balls, spinach, squid (as you can tell, lots of seafood), vermicelli noodles, cooked duck and chicken, bean sprouts, crab sticks and lots of other goodies. It was a great night to say goodbye to our neighbors!



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