Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Family Time

Since it's the holidays I have decided to literally do no work for one entire week. During the term it is just go go go and everyone needs a break otherwise I will crash and burn. Hence why I spent today with my family and closest family friends playing fun games and eating good food. We played rummikub. If you havent played this game before its basically like scrabble except with numbers with a little luck and lot of brains. For my first time let me tell you that I was a boss although i was playing with people younger than me hmmm? Can't say the same for mario kart though. I swear I'm a better driver than this game shows me to be. Damn kids these days are so much better at video games than me. Sigh. For lunch I made pasta bake and omg it was so good. Comfort food and hot chocolate on a rainy day always is though.


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