Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Music Mania

In music news I am currently loving Be Okay by Oh Honey. I first heard this song on glee a month ago and instantly fell in love with it. It is so bright and cheery and is just a perfect pick me up for my mid winter blues. I highly recommend this song. My favourite line is the chorus "can't complain about much these days, I believe we will be okay" and damn ain't that the truth. 

Fifth Harmony's Boss music video came out yesterday and I can't make up my mind about. The song took me a while to get used to but now I love it. The beat is super catchy, super sassy and just fun. I love their message and I love how they stand for girl power. I've been a big fan since xfactor and I love the girls but I don't think this music video does them justice. I do love their sass in the video though. Also I am a little concerned about how provocative they are dressing in the video which sort of contradicts how they want people to respect them? But I still love them and can't wait to hear their new music. 

One music video I am loving is Megan and Liz's Simple Life video. Holy moly it is so beautiful. I fell in love with the song the moment I heard it. The music video totally does the song justice. They look gorgeous in the video and I'm really glad they kept the storyline really simple so the music and lyrics shone. I've been big fans of megan and liz for a long time but their new music is really good and throwback to their music that they first started writing and putting out which I'm really glad since I think it suits them better. This video is like a giant instagram party! I really love it. My favourite line is " I'd leave this all behind to just live that simple life". In case you can't tell i really love cheesy lyrics but the melody really suits the lyrics. P.S I'm such a sucker for country music and this totally fits that genre. 


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